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Archive 12-19-2000 07:18 PM

Medical Cards
Originally Posted By Jo

Hello, I have been a lurker here for a long time and Have learned so much from you all. Thank you.

We have been selected for committee for a set of twins, during our interview today she asked a lot of questions about our medical insurance and whether it would cover the boys or not. One of the boys has some pretty significant orthopedic issues as well as possible cognitive delays. My question is this: Will they try to not give us the medical card and can I get one even if our insurance will cover the boys. Our insurance has limitations on therapy (60 visits a year), the one boy has 7 sessions a week and the other has only two, so that gives us about 9 weeks of therapy. Any way, any advice you can give me is greatly appreciated. By the way, the boys are in Oregon, we are in PA. Thanks. Jo

Archive 12-19-2000 09:17 PM

my experience
Originally Posted By Lisa

I have two sons, both of whom have some pretty significant health care needs. Part of each of my boy's adoption agreement was that I add them to my insurance and use their medical cards as secondary insurance. This has worked out great. Because both boys have medical cards they also qualify for a program here in WV called "Children with Special Health Care Needs" that covers expenses denied by both my insurance and the medical card (ex: pediasure for g-tube feedings and a specialized hospital bed for my oldest). In the five and a half years that my oldest one has been with me (my youngest just came home 2 1/2 months ago) I have never had to pay out of pocket for any medical expenses. Talk to your SW and don't be afraid to be blunt--children with significant health issues can be financially draining to a family, a medical card is an absolute MUST when negotiating subsidy.

Archive 12-19-2000 11:34 PM

Here's what we were told:
Originally Posted By barki

There's no need to put your adoptive child on your insurance until after finalization. I don't know if this is because we live in Oregon and have adopted from Oregon or not. Also, you might find out if your insurance will cover your adoptive children before the adoption is FINALIZED. (I'm not sure if all do or how they work it.)

KEEP YOUR OPTIONS OPEN ON THE ADOPTION SUBSIDY. Even if you don't need the $$ now, keep the option open to get it should the need arise.

Also, our caseworker requested that we get the adoption subsidy forms back ASAP because it would change the fund that the payments come from. An adoptive placement, even before finalization, can draw it's payments from a federally funded fund while foster payments come from a state funded fund. They like to switch to the federal asap. I don't know if it was that our caseworker was a johnny-on-the-spot kind of worker or what....

Ok, I've blabbed on and ON and not really given you any help, huh? LOL I just wanted to let you know that there will be more papers and decisions and you might get some LEGAL advice since a good adoption lawyer would know about inter state compacts and all that jazz!

Archive 12-20-2000 01:33 AM

Medical Cards
Originally Posted By Pam

We adopted two kids out of foster care and were TOLD we would get to keep the medical card even after adoption, as part of the adoption agreement. We didn't even ask, we were just old, but I'd ask! We use my hub's insurance first, then, whatever isn't paid, is picked up by Medical Assistance, so we never pay a thing for their medical costs. In our case, we couldn't afford to, and both have had some significant problems. We are adopting a child soon who doesn't really HAVE any medical problems (that we know of), but we still are getting medical seems to be standard as part of the adoptions.
All three boys were from different states, but the agreements have been the same.

Archive 12-22-2000 11:59 AM

In Pa. Still fighting for my girls cards and they have been here 4 months!
Originally Posted By Linda

I am having a heck of a time getting my girls medical coverage. They don't have any physical problems but they are on meds and seeing a psychiatrist and therapist for PTSD. Colorado isn't covering them even though they are still foster and they do not qualify in Pa. because they do not consider them Title V? Colorado asked for three quotes from insurance companies and they will purchase insurance for them yet no company will underwrite them because of them being foster children still and their privacy is an issue. My insurance will not cover them until they are adopted. So my girls have no medical coverage. We are paying for their anti-depressants weekly and it is getting very costly and everyone just sits around and blames the other.

I hope you have better luck with Pa. My thoughts are with you.

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