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These rules apply to any message boards, chat rooms, e-mail discussion lists, free-email, or any other community websites or services ("Community Websites") operated by Adoption Media, LLC. ("").

  1. Respectful Participation Required: While we encourage members to share from their experiences, we do ask that you do so in a manner that is both kind and respectful to the person you are responding to. Please remember that Adoption is a very emotional topic for most all of our participants in one way or another. There is a big difference between offering a differing opinion and kicking the dog while its down. We ask that all members be sensitive to the differing emotions in adoption and not use the forums as a platform to promote an agenda which is not supportive of our members or adoption.
  2. No personal attacks: Personal attacks of any kind, public or private, will not be tolerated. chat rooms, message boards and journals are intended to be a positive, safe place for everyone. You are welcome to disagree with a member, but calling them names or flaming their character is not allowed. If you have a personal issue to discuss with a member, please take it off the boards and discuss it via PM.
  3. No profanity: Vulgarities, obscenities, name-calling, character assassinations or mockery are not allowed on any of the community of websites. While there are appropriate topics of a mature nature, the vocabulary used needs to remain family friendly.
  4. No solicitation of parents, ever!: chat rooms, message boards and blogs are NOT places for adoptive parents and adoption professionals to solicit expectant parents. So many people visit the community that potential birthparents get "pounced on" from dozens of different people if this rule is not strictly observed. is committed to making its community of websites, chat rooms and blogs places where potential birthparents feel safe. It is not appropriate for adoption professionals or hopeful parents to post "I can help" messages or Internet addresses for potential birth parents to visit or to send this type of e-mail or private message to potential birth parents.
  5. Caution to expectant parents considering adoption: Are you pregnant and considering adoption? For your safety, we strongly recommend that you do not select adoptive parents or an adoption professional from or its community of websites. We have no way of knowing which parents on the site are qualified to adopt, and which professionals are reputable. Visit, a service of Adoption Profiles, LLC, to find information on hundreds of hopeful adoptive parents who have each met the requirements to adopt in their state. Visit to find an adoption professional.
  6. Treatment of Moderators & Administrators: Any form of moderator or administrator harassment, including insults, personal attacks and character assassination done either in public or via private message can result in a ban of your account. If you disagree with actions taken by the moderating team, the proper procedure for voicing that disagreement is via Private Message or Email. For privacy reasons we can not and will not discuss the reason someone else's account was banned, either in public or in private. Moderating decisions are made based on a number of factors, and the action that resulted in the moderating decision is often no longer available for public view. It is inappropriate for users to create threads denouncing the actions of the moderating team and doing so will result in further moderator action, up to and including account banning.
  7. The Agency Discussion Guideline: The Agency Discussion Guideline includes ALL fee based adoption professionals (Attorneys, Agencies, Facilitators, Matching Services, Online Profile Services). Feedback, information and opinions must be discussed via Private Message.
  8. Regarding Minors: Identifying information about minors (especially foster children) should never be posted. The minimum age for the release of information in all fifty states is at least eighteen, therefore the use of the forums to search for someone under the age if eighteen is prohibited. Additionally if you are adopting from a public or privatized foster care system, either domestically or internationally, please remember to respect the foster parentís privacy by not posting their identifying information openly on the forums.
  9. No Solicitation or Marketing!: Advertising or solicitation of a product or service is not allowed anywhere on community of websites, whether you own or have a vested interest in the product/service or not. If you would like more information on how you can advertise with Adoption.comís community of websites, please send an email to
  10. Moderation, Editing and Banning: Chat Monitors and Forum Moderators regularly check the forums and chat rooms for inappropriate messages and material. Messages containing such material will be deleted or edited without warning or explanation and the member could be banned. reserves the right to edit, delete or otherwise moderate any postings made to its community of sites without warning or explanation. Members who require excessive moderation or whose participation results in excessive moderation may be banned.
  11. Reporting Violations: To report violations of any of the above rules, please click on the red and white triangle in the top right corner of the post and explain what youíre seeing. This will automatically dispatch a message to the moderators. You can also send an email to

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