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Old 01-26-2013, 08:04 AM
dragonaries dragonaries is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 46
Total Points: 14,459.80

There is a mediation being held for the parents who has 3 children in foster care the beginning of February. The SW is looking at me as a possible resource to adopt the 3 children.

I've asked if I could visit the children again (it was a new SW so permission had to be given again) and it was granted. At the time of permission, SW said if I could attend the upcoming mediation that would be great. I can attend the mediation even though I'm 3 states away. The parents do not know of my involvement yet and when I attend this mediation they will learn about me.

What should I expect in mediation? What will be expected of me while I'm there possibly? Any tips on how to handle my cousin and his wife? Or any tips over all on mediation would be helpful.

The SW is completing ICPC from my understanding. I was told this from the first SW but it didn't get done, but the current SW admitted that to me so I'm trusting her to tell me the truth. She is really hoping for me to get a homestudy done soon with trial for TPR set in March.

TruckGuy - 3 yr old boy (almost 4)
Climber - 2 yr old girl
BlueEyes - 1 yr old boy

5/12 - TruckGuy, Climber, and BlueEyes taken into foster case
6/12 - informed of BlueEyes in foster care
7/12 - Kinship class started and permission for visit
8/12 - visited BlueEyes and Climber
8/12 - Kinship classes completed
10/12 - 11/12 - CASA and social worker changes
12/12 - CASA calls me
1/13 - SW calls me
1/17/13 - Permission to visit and invitation to mediation
Early 2/13 - Mediation and visit within few days
Middle 2/13 - Permanency hearing
Late 3/13 - Trial for TPR

ICPC Kinship Adoption possibility of three children.

Related to father of BlueEyes as cousin. Related to TruckGuy and Climber by marriage through cousin.
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Old 01-26-2013, 07:33 PM
hkolln's Avatar
hkolln hkolln is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2006
Posts: 2,074
Total Points: 101,758.37
Good luck on the ICPC!!! Ours took 11 months to complete...and we had to become licensed foster parents first, then previous FP's tried to fight movement of our daughter to us across country.
Let us know how it goes!
Wife to hubby for 16 years
Mom to 2 girls:
A age 14
J age 20 (biodaughter)
August 2006-Found out niece in FC
Nov 2006-Now licensed FP's but no placement
Feb 2007-CRPT meeting determines placement w/us
March 2007-FP's appealed decision
April 2007-New CRPT-DCF & CASA upholds decision for placement w/us
May 2007-ICPC finally COMPLETED!!
June 2007-niece is home with us
August 2007-voluntary TPR by biomom, Involuntary by biodad
July 2008-adoption by us YAY
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