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Old 08-26-2010, 04:11 PM
GOODDAD101's Avatar
GOODDAD101 GOODDAD101 is offline
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My wife and I also are starting our 40's and have considered adopting a second child. My son's foster home had three other children. He was almost adopted by his sibling's adoptive parents. So of course this is an issue with him, he remembers his sister. Now there is a girl in his class that shares his sisters name. So on occasion he will bring the subject up. He used to have a problem with hitting other kids, so I suspect this is why the placement failed. Anyways their loss. What a terrible thing to do. I have worked with him for a year and a half and he no longer has this trouble. Anyways by being an only child we have more time to work with him. He is extremely intelligent, handsome, and outgoing. Even the social worker said he would have a hard time topping him. I guess I'm just a proad one child parent.
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Old 08-26-2010, 09:09 PM
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I have 2 bio boys and always thought TWO was my number....I always intended to have at least two..NOW I am thinking THREE is my number so for all of you out there that are wondering about child number 2 or not to have a second...I am wondering the same about 3 kids....just like people who want just one..every one of us have our own ideas of the perfect family size...and you have to accept and love YOUR idea of what is RIGHT for you..I have 9 half siblings....and 2 step-siblings..7 sisters and 4 about having many siblings...and there was good and bad in all of it..some of my siblings I Only KNEW about....6 I grew up with....3 have passed away...yes some of my siblings I am close with, some I will never REALLY know..but in the is what makes life happy, but for many so do friends...I would never want to replicate the pure insanity of my childhood..but somehow still when I sit in my home of quiet with just the 2 kids I DO have, the house feels empty and then one visit from family and I glad I have such a perfect sized family..but still I do have room for that plays out in the end will be ttc another or to adopt another is always a fresh topic in my home..but in the end...every one of us needs to decide how many kids are enough...but it is something each one of us wrestles with...just know YOUR size family WILL be perfect for you!
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Old 01-08-2012, 12:55 PM
MrsD MrsD is offline
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We've been parents of two and are now parents of one. My two were 21 months apart. I can tell you that in a LOT of ways, parenting my two was easier than parenting my one. With my son, if he wants to play or read or anything, he needs mommy or daddy to make it happen. With my two, they played together and quite enjoyed entertaining one another. It was easier for me to get things done around the house because they would play together and I could supervise (sometimes, not always, of course!).

Also, speaking solely for myself, I am very grateful to have my sister as an adult. We lost our dad when I was seven and our mom when I was 23. Now, in my thirties, my sister is the only person who has known me my entire life and can share in stories from when we were kids. I am also so incredibly grateful that I was not alone in caring for our mom during her last months, nor was I alone in planning her funeral, dealing with hospice, etc. Of course we fought as kids and there were times I truly could not stand her, and we still argue once in a while, but I have very well developed zen when it comes to her and I wouldn't change the fact that I have her for anything in the world.

Just my personal experiences....
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