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Old 12-04-2009, 10:45 AM
devildogwife's Avatar
devildogwife devildogwife is offline
RIP Cameron

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Shannon if you don't have to switch him, I wouldn't. I have found medicaid to be SO much easier to work with. They approve things much more quickly without any problem. You are incredibly smart in wanting him to been at a Children's hospital. That is so very key with a heart baby. That continuity of care is vital. You need an experienced pedi CT surgeon and pedi cardiologist not to mention all the other specialities you'll need to see. Funny that you meniton the Fontan; that is supposed to be Cameron's 'final' stage open heart surgery when he's a little older.
Cameron born 11/10/07, rest in peace 4/14/11

Say not in grief: "He is no more", but live in thankfulness that he was.
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Old 12-04-2009, 07:47 PM
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Thank you, Nevada and DDW. I know you both have a lot of experience with this. I'll definitely keep that advice in mind. We'll have a few months before finalization to get acclimated to his medical needs and therapies. But we definitely don't want any changes in his care.

DDW - Yes, he'll end up with the same surgery. I noticed that, too. Basically, J's heart is plumbed like it has two right ventricles. So somewhere between ages 2 and 4, (but usually closer to 2) they do a Fontan to bypass one of the ventricles. But they have to make sure those pressures are low enough. And there can be added complications because his other organs are not in the right places and he doesn't have a spleen. I'm basing this on what I've read about Heterotaxy and the info I have so far, but we'll know more on Wednesday.
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Old 12-05-2009, 09:41 AM
ca-bigsister's Avatar
ca-bigsister ca-bigsister is offline
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Post 18?

What happens when he turns 18? His medical insurance will be very expensive; FD can get medical insurance until she is 21 because she was a foster child. I would definitely ask if he will allowed to be on for lifetime if he has major problems?
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Old 12-11-2009, 02:52 PM
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Originally Posted by crick
I think the number one deciding factor for me would be "Does Kaiser have the heart program/care that the Children's Hospital has?" If not, then I'd use his primary insurance for regular things and medical for his heart stuff.

I have all my kids on both insurances and it's never been an issue at all. We don't have the health challenges though.

You might pm Suzberg and ask her what she does for her dd E. I know she hasn't been on as much lately so she might not see your post.

YUP... Crick is Right (as usual).... I didn't see this post. You probably already have your questions answered but I'll let you know what we do for E anway. We did put E on my husband's insurancefor her primary because it is REALLY good insurance (NO lifetime limit like Jen was referring to, E can stay on it until age 25-instead of 18 or even 21 like most insurance,really low premiums for our family of 6 etc). We kept medicaid for her Secondary. We could have just had her on Medicaid but I liked the idea of double coverage since we have the potential for some pretty outrageous medical bills. The state of Texas actually re-imburses us for the insurance premium we pay for the private insurance (my husband does have to fax them his check stub that shows the deduction every month), since we just use the Medicaid for secondary.

I don't know much about Kaiser except kind of "scary" because that is my experience I would definatley just have Medicaid be his coverage! When you're talking about MAJOR heart surgery like the Fontan you want it done at Children's Hospital. And also those Surgeries are pretty expensive. E had a "Fontan Revision" (a special bonus surgery because my daughter is an overachiever)about 2 years after her Fontan. The bill was 300K. (I know DDW wins the contest on who has the highest med bills). I know here in Texas once we added her to the Private insurance it HAS to be the primary and Medicaid the Secondary. Medicaid does cover prescriptions (and E has had as many as 10 a month and the respitory rx are REALLY costly) with no copay (at least ours does). And it does cover PT, OT, ST better than most private insurance does.

If you have any other questions please let me know!
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Old 12-12-2009, 09:17 PM
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I agree with several other posters. Keep him on Medicaid if at all possible. Neither of my adopted kids are on our insurance and only one is considered special needs currently.
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