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Old 04-05-2006, 03:31 PM
bouncingbabyboys's Avatar
bouncingbabyboys bouncingbabyboys is offline
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Exclamation Felony and fostering?

This is going to be a great introduction.
Hi everyone! My husband and I have one more week of MAPP classes before we are DONE. Well, during my husband's classes to become a reserve officer they had to do a criminal check on him. They found him to be a felon! Hard as it may seem to believe, he didn't even know it.
When he was 18, a police dispatcher bought him and his brother some alcohol. My husband got drunk, passed out, his brother stole his jeep (not at all out of character!) and went joyriding with a friend on the country club golf course! The next morning my husband was awakened by the police at the door. He explained that it wasn't him, but they took him in for "questioning". Of course he was arrested because he wasn't really sure who had taken his jeep, so it looked like he was trying to cover up...or guilty. Anyway, his brother came and told him what had happened. The only witness to my hubby being passed out was the dispatcher! They didn't want to nark her out, so he thought it would just be something minor. He went to court, told the judge it had been his brother (judge is notorious in these parts for being an @**) but the judge was pretty happy with just calling it on my husband. To make a long story longer...
Apparently his brother had also stolen some golf flags (the ones at the holes) and this produced the felony!!! We called the attorney about getting an expungement, but we're both feeling like we've been smacked upside the head! Me, because I'm not sure they'll allow us to foster (although we've already brought it up with our worker) and also because I just found out I'm married to a "felon"!!! and my husband because he went through 60 hours of police training, got the best scores shooting (impressed all the other coppers) bought his gun and duty belt (which isn't cheap!) got his uniform and lead vest, and was really looking forward to it!
Does anyone know what the laws of this would be? Anyone ever had an expungement? I don't even know how it works. Needless to say, this has devestated us. My husband has NEVER been in trouble, but his brother (12 years later) is STILL in constant trouble...has several DUI's, doesn't have custody of his three children, etc. Ugh...any advice??

By the way...I'm Reonna!
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Old 04-05-2006, 03:55 PM
happyinhazard's Avatar
happyinhazard happyinhazard is offline
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Welcome, although I have no advice to offer....I would say as long as it didn't involve a child and your worker has the "heads up"....they should still allow you to foster.
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Old 04-05-2006, 03:59 PM
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First off, Welcome. Secondly, I love your childrens names. Thirdly, I don't know anything about expungment, but I don't think your husbands felony will affect your being approved for foster care. It was not a violent crime, and he didn't even do it. Good luck to you and DH.
Mariah ~

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Old 04-05-2006, 06:28 PM
Happy123 Happy123 is offline
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You may just want to have verification in case. When they did the criminal check my husband came back on the FBI list for something to do w/ immigration. We just had to show proof that it no longer pertained to him.
Good luck,
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Old 04-05-2006, 08:05 PM
Kate1129 Kate1129 is offline
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We were told that it all depends on what's the charge. If it has anything to do with abuse of a child or vulnerable adult or asult then it's bad news.

I am thinking this can be ignored since for one it was a non-violent crime! Two, it was a long time ago and he hasn't been in trouble since.

Good luck!
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Old 04-06-2006, 10:49 AM
Kay-Ray1's Avatar
Kay-Ray1 Kay-Ray1 is offline
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Hi and Welcome!

Ok I had the same problem. I worked in a 7-11 when I was 18 and I was robbed at gunpoint. I helps the police as much as I could but when they couldn't find anyone to arrest...they arrested me. I went to lockup and was fingerprinted ect. Then I passed a lie dector test and they let me go.

So I told our worker about this and he said they would deal with it when it came up. So it did. Then I had to go to the court and get an expungment. It cost $40 and took 3-4 months. (I think it just depends on how far behind they are) I didn't get any notification when it was off I just had to keep going back and getting background checks. Which it still says it on there only beside it says expunged. I hope this helps you.
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