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rrwn 11-15-2002 11:26 AM

I'm looking for feedback on China Adoption with Love, Inc. We are considering using them and I would be interested to hear anything people have to say about them. I am particularly interested in the in-country aspect - how well your trip went etc?
Thank you in advance. All replies will be shared only with my dh.

BJong101202 11-19-2002 09:36 AM

I am also considering using CAWLI and would be glad to hear if anyone has anything to say. In reading a few books and research online, I've heard the best way to find out is to attend one of their meetings for new adoptive parents and ask people, or to simply e-mail the agency and ask for references. Chances are if they've had a lot of happy people, they'll provide some names. Good both of us.

tugcap94 01-09-2003 10:22 AM

CAWLI is fantastic. We are using them right now-Our Dossier to China was sent late November, '02. They are very informative, friendly, and easy-going. All of their social workers are great, as well. We have felt very comfortable using them so far. They are extremely competent and knowledgeable. Whenever we send them any correspondence they get back to us the day they receive it. They definitely "hold your hand" through the entire process, so you have very litttle to worry about in regards to missing anything. If you have any more questions, or need some in-depth info, please let me know.

stynx9000 01-20-2003 09:07 AM

My wife and I are going to an informational meeting with them this Wed., after they came *highly* recommended. A co-worker of my wife adopted her second child through CAWLI and raved about them.

I also inquired about them on APC, and received about 25 responses, all with glowing reviews.

I know this isn't a direct endorsement, but we've heard nothing but good things about them.


stynx9000 01-24-2003 01:32 PM

My wife and I went to the orientation meeting at CAWLI last wed., and we were very, very impressed.

We met with Lillian, the director of the program. She was extremely knowledgable (having worked for the Chinese government) and really seemed to know her stuff.

The meeting wasn't as structured as some of the other adoption agencies we've looked at, but she had answers to every one of our questions and at the same time imparted just how much she cares for each and every child that her organization brings over.

It's kind of a no-frills place, the office was extremely well used, but not lavish or as sterile as some of the others we've visted. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't messy or dirty, but it was clear that she saved a bit of money by not worrying about a fancy office.

Lillian said something about her operation that stuck with me (and I'm paraphrasing here) "Being Chinese, I know that it's not the packaging that counts, but what you get out of the box."

My wife and I are making plans now to use them, and hope to have our application in and our paperchasing started in a month or three.


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