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Htredhd 12-02-2002 11:50 AM

ISO birthmom to twins born11-11-73 in Paragould
I am in search of my mother who was 15 at the time of my birth. I and my twin brother were both adopted at the same time. We were apparently kept my her for approx. 3 months before being put up for adoption. Actually any family member would be welcome. I am in desperate need of medical information. My maternal grandmother and grandfather were motel managers I assume in Paragould, Green County. Any information that anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated. Even if you knew her in school or something. She was in 9th. grade and quit school. She had 2 older brothers. She was 5'6" w/ brown hair and eyes. My father was 22 and blonde w/ blue eyes. Thank you for any help!

Ladyredbear 06-29-2004 04:15 PM

This is Htredhd...I forgot my password and have a new email account so I made a new name. I just found out what my birth name was so I thought I would post it and maybe someone might be able to help me. My name was Diane Lynne Jones and my twin brother was Walter Lynne Jones. Hope this jogs someones memory! Thanks!

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